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Ask Trooper Rob: Weapons can stay in parking lot

Q: Is it lawful or unlawful for a Michigan CPL holder to carry a concealed pistol in a parking lot of a casino and can ... Read more

Ask Trooper Rob: Child seat must be used no matter what

Q: If your only vehicle is a pickup truck with no back seat, and you have a small child, it must be legal to use ... Read more

Ask Trooper Rob: Are concealed guns allowed in a bowling alley?

Q: There has been an ongoing debate among myself and some friends about if it’s legal to carry a concealed gun in the bowling area ... Read more

Ask Trooper Rob: Stay safe on the streets for Halloween

Halloween is a cherished tradition but the excitement of the night can cause children to forget to be careful. Read more

Ask Trooper Rob: Be an ‘extra set of eyes’

September was National Preparedness month. Read more