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America in desperate need of change

America desperately needs to change its course. Read more  | Add your comment

Current government needs to change

Although I am nonpartisan, there are many reasons why I vote for a particular party. I won’t mention party names, but the reader can easily ... Read more  | Add your comment

Proos a dedicated public servant

Like many voters I am interested in what is best for our communities. The political system in Michigan and across the country has broken down. ... Read more  | Add your comment

Save our schools

Public schools, community schools: the lifeblood of the small towns in St. Joseph and Cass Counties. Our local schools provide incredible value to our communities ... Read more  | Add your comment

So many of us don’t care, but should

How many of my fellow Michiganders just don’t care when it comes to politics and government? Some of us don’t care because we don’t understand ... Read more  | Add your comment

Vote Land for U.S. Senator

Today, we have both the biggest challenge our country has faced in many years and one of the best opportunities. Our federal government has lost ... Read more  | Add your comment

Vote Democrat Nov. 4

Did you know that by voting a straight Democratic ticket, you unseat every Southwest Michigan politician in Lansing and Fred Upton as well? If you ... Read more  | Add your comment

Lions host successful chili supper

The Dowagiac Lions Club would like to thank everyone who attended the chili supper held prior to the Dowagiac-Edwardsburg football game on Oct. 10. More ... Read more  | Add your comment

Mike Moroz will make us proud

I urge your readers to vote for Mike Moroz as their next 59th District State Representative. The district covers all of St. Joseph County and most ... Read more  | Add your comment

What we know about Aaron Miller

Upfront, let me say I am on the Committee to Elect Mike Moroz. I support and believe in Mike. That said, this is what we ... Read more  | Add your comment

Moroz knows value of hard work

I am writing to support Mike Moroz, who is running for the Michigan State House District 59 seat, which is being vacated by Matt Lori. I ... Read more  | Add your comment

Re-elect trustees at SMC

I was pleased to see so many people turn out for Southwestern Michigan College’s 50th anniversary celebration. What a great institution. It is easy to see why ... Read more  | Add your comment

Southwest Michigan has chance to reverse damage

On Nov. 4, Southwest Michigan voters will have an opportunity to elect an outstanding group of Democratic candidates for national and state offices. These candidates ... Read more  | Add your comment

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