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The, as yet, unfinished history of war

This is a history lesson, told in three parts, contrived in the truest sense of fabricated historical recording. In Part 1, we learned about the ... Read more  | Add your comment

Michigan helping veterans get benefits they deserve

We owe our liberty to the courageous veterans who put their country before themselves. The enormous sacrifice of our veterans and their families is a ... Read more  | Add your comment

Niles Education Foundation commences new giving year

The Niles Education Foundation is kicking off its 2015-2016 fundraising campaign with its second annual “Legendary Evening” at Orchard Hills Country Club on Saturday, August ... Read more  | Add your comment

Part Three: The, as yet, unfinished history of war

PART THREE: WE HAVE WHAT YOU HAVE — THE BEGINNINGS OF WAR   Each tribe had all of the things that they needed and minimal ... Read more  | Add your comment

The rise and fall of Bill Cosby

I was once a big fan of Bill Cosby. One scene in particular from The Bill Cosby Show made a huge impression on me. Dr. ... Read more  | Add your comment

End of film credits means more money for roads

Last week, a long-running program came to an end. The Michigan Legislature, with my support, voted to end funding of a $50 million drain on ... Read more  | Add your comment

Museum focused on 1960s

The 1960s is the focus of the new display at the Edwardsburg Historical Museum. In researching that decade it is amazing how many topics are ... Read more  | Add your comment

The basics of booster seats

“When can my child go to a booster seat?” — Jenny from Niles Read more  | Add your comment

Join the Zumba party!

Virtually every fitness center in the country has hopped on board the Zumba train. Read more  | Add your comment

The, as yet, unfinished history of war (part two)

The Dairias Homogenus were a peaceful clan of harvesters and imbibers. Read more  | Add your comment

Be the designated driver this summer

Although the Independence Day celebrations may be over and the parties have been cleaned up, there are other events and celebrations that are happening throughout ... Read more  | Add your comment

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