Letters to the Editor

Letter: Getting to the root of common core standards

To the editor: There have been many questions raised by recent discussions and editorials concerning the common core curriculum, which has appeared in many local ... Read more  | Add your comment

Letter to the Editor: DUHS thanks businesses for homecoming fireworks

Dear Editor, Dowagiac Union High School’s student senate was approached with an idea for a new tradition, homecoming fireworks.  We realized in order to make ... Read more  | Add your comment

Letter: CROP walk committee says thank you

To the editor: Thank you, D & S Apple House for contributing apples for the C.R.O.P. Walk this fall.  C.R.O.P. stands for Communities Responding to ... Read more  | Add your comment

Letter: Oak Manor streets need attention

To the editor: There were streets in the township of Niles, I and others felt, that did not need a makeover. I live in the ... Read more  | Add your comment

Letter: It’s time to re-energize downtown Niles

To the editor: I recently read Mike Caldwell’s article in The Daily Star about taking care of our hearts. I believe his words are what ... Read more  | Add your comment

Letter: Thanking my ‘angels’

Last week, when it looked like ‘curtains’ to me, my son rushed me to the hospital where I met the most wonderful people, whom I ... Read more  | Add your comment

Letter: Thanks from ‘Chuck the Duck’

Back in June, you might have read an article in this very paper about a special duck by the name of Chuck. Chuck the Duck ... Read more  | Add your comment

Letter to the Editor: Republicans are irresponsible

Editor, The irresponsibility of congressional Republicans, and the cowardice of their so-called “leaders”, is truly appalling. In order to appease the most radical fringe of ... Read more  | Add your comment

Letter to the editor: Thanks for supporting Cat Tracks

To the editor: Cat Tracks 5K would like to say thank you to everyone that helped with, sponsored, donated, and participated in the 7th running ... Read more  | Add your comment

It isn’t goodbye really, it just feels like it

To the Editor:   I was unable to attend yesterday’s “goodbye” to John Eby so will take this opportunity to do so. We   actually ... Read more  | Add your comment

Letter to the editor: Change needed at Niles Community Schools

To the editor: With the new school year started I feel the need to respond to a letter that was sent into The Niles Daily ... Read more  | Add your comment

Letter to the editor: Niles Community Schools newsletter full of unanswered questions

To the editor: As an educator with 48 1/2 years of classroom teaching experience (37 1/2 full-time with 28 years in Niles schools and 11 ... Read more  | Add your comment

Where’s Fred?

To the editor:   Here we are in the last days of August, Fred Upton nowhere to be found. Usually, August is a time for ... Read more  | Add your comment

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