Letters to the Editor

Above and beyond the call of duty

This letter is concerning a good deed done by Trooper John Miller. I wanted to thank Trooper John Miller and the Niles branch of the ... Read more  | Add your comment

Thank you for the accessibility

This is a thank you to Mayor Lyons and the city for changing the handicap parking at the little league field for those that can ... Read more  | Add your comment

Republicans and science don’t mix

House Republicans, including Representative Fred Upton, recently voted to prohibit the defense department from providing funding for research on climate change, despite the fact that ... Read more  | Add your comment

VA Hospital choices not pleasing

I heard in the news the other day a Veteran’s Administration Hospital did not want Christmas cards sent to them. Another VA hospital did not ... Read more  | Add your comment

No need to ‘beware of the Tea Party’

I read Mr. Crandell’s letter titled, “Beware of the Tea Party,” in the Leader, and was more than a little bewildered at the hatred he ... Read more  | Add your comment

Another V.A. complaint

I heard in the news the other day a V.A. hospital did not want Christmas cards sent to them. Another V.A. hospital did not want anything ... Read more  | Add your comment

The wrong time for politics

Several years ago, I submitted a letter to the editor in reference to politicians riding in the Memorial Day parade, advertising their political ambitions. I ... Read more  | Add your comment

Support our school

Having worked in the central office of Dowagiac Schools for over 16 years, my favorite time of each school year was sending out letters to ... Read more  | Add your comment

Support small farms

We need more small farms, not less, in which people can grow sustainably grow organic crops that are better for people’s health, costing less for ... Read more  | Add your comment

Thanks for the help with “stamping out” hunger

On Saturday, May 9, the Dowagiac postal workers held their annual food drive to help “stamp out” hunger. As recipients of  a share of the ... Read more  | Add your comment

Will congressman vote for minimum wage?

I didn’t ask Fred Upton to contact me about raising the minimum wage, but I got a taxpayer funded letter from him recently. Read more  | Add your comment

All she wants for Mother’s Day

When I tell people I head Big Brothers Big Sisters of Berrien & Cass, they typically praise the organization’s “Bigs” and mention how fortunate the ... Read more  | Add your comment

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