Anniversary of officer’s death a good time to reflect on heroes

In yesterday’s paper, Trooper Rob Herbstreith dedicated his weekly space to honoring an officer who was shot in the line of duty nearly 43 years ... Read more

Smoke detectors save lives

Half of all house fire deaths result from fires reported when most people are asleep, according to the National Fire Prevention Association. It is a ... Read more

Dirty Bird an invaluable event for southwest Michigan residents

Despite cool temperatures and rainy weather Saturday, more than 150 people came from all over southwest Michigan to get messy for a great cause. Read more

Pro or con, school district needs to hear your voice

Last Wednesday, the Dowagiac Union Schools administration held the latest public information session about the upcoming $37 million bond proposals, which will be voted on ... Read more

Leader Columnists

Are we plugged in or turned off?

Cynics say social media has robbed us of much of the meaningful human interaction that once filled our lives, but one look into my 7-year-old ... Read more

Age is just a number

While returning from a business trip down south a couple of weeks ago, I was faced with one of my biggest insecurities. As the flight ... Read more

Horizons is, well, on the Horizon

Considering we just marked the official start of fall a few days ago, February may seem like a long ways off — except that isn’t ... Read more

Happy National Newspaper Week!

Next week, when companies all across the United States celebrate the 75th annual National Newspaper Week, they will follow a simple but popular theme: The ... Read more

Editorial Cartoon


Letters to the Editor

How can we achieve our common goals?

I believe that most of us in Southwest Michigan share a common set of goals for our community — high quality education, good-paying jobs, affordable ... Read more

Brandywine teachers are not being valued

Education is a critical foundation for success. Teachers are the primary architects of this foundation. Read more

Opinion Columnists

The Interview: Part Two

Read part one here. Jimmy spoke for everyone when he asked, “No. Really. What’s with the ... Read more

The Interview: Part One

Big John Hudson walked through the front door of the diner and quietly took his seat ... Read more

Hats off to school principals!

October is School Principals’ Month. Governor Snyder has issued a proclamation to recognize school principals for ... Read more

State representative offers notes from Lansing

Fall is a busy time for me! As the Legislature gets back to work after a ... Read more

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