Letter to the editor: Niles Community Schools newsletter full of unanswered questions

To the editor: As an educator with 48 1/2 years of classroom teaching experience (37 1/2 full-time with 28 years in Niles schools and 11 ... Read more  | Add your comment

Cardinal Charlie: Minuteman stood his patriotic ground

The other day, while sitting in my recliner, I looked over at our big, curved-door china closet full of a bit of everything. Lots of ... Read more  | Add your comment

Troubles in Leaderland: Printer malfunctions

Our new Kodak computer to plate technology was uncrated on Friday. This will eliminate the need for film and will eventually bring you better quality ... Read more  | Add your comment

Cardinal Charlie trying spinal cord stimulation for pain

For all of my friends and readers who have missed me, this is why. I’ve been confined for quite some time and have to use ... Read more  | Add your comment

John Proos: Back-to-school tips for students and parents

Another school year is just around the corner, and soon our children will be busy doing homework, catching up with old friends and meeting new ... Read more  | Add your comment

Letters to the Editor

‘I’m very worried about global warming’

I’m very worried about global warming! Will it happen in my lifetime? Read more  | Add your comment

Reader frustrated with government

I am very frustrated with the abuse that goes on with our government! Read more  | Add your comment

Thanks for the help

On the morning of April 10, 2014, my wife and I were awakened by our delivery truck driver who told us that our store had ... Read more  | Add your comment

Frustrated with politics

I am very frustrated with the abuse that goes on with our government! There seems to be a lot of waste and abuse. A new ... Read more  | Add your comment

Dowagiac church ‘not so blessed’

Last week I saw a sign in front of the Michiana Church of Christ that read “God bless you Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby.” I am ... Read more  | Add your comment

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