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United Way magnifies dollars and impact

Ask any sports fan and they will tell you that the raw numbers do not tell the whole story. Read more  | Add your comment

Telling our stories

If there is anything I have learned about the Michiana region since I moved back home, it’s that there is always something going on. Read more  | Add your comment

There is a lot to be learned from the Stewart accident

There are plenty of lessons we can take away from what happened with Tony Stewart 10 days ago. Lessons that are not only applicable to ... Read more  | Add your comment

Fresh perspective offers new ways to showcase the region

The old cliché is that “you can’t go home again.” While that may be true in some cases, I believe you can look at that ... Read more  | Add your comment

Strength is in numbers

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about strength. If you think about the strongest people you know, you’ll more than likely think of those who ... Read more  | Add your comment

Golf will go on without Tiger Woods

The golf world got a look at what life will be like without Tiger Woods this past weekend. I would have to say that things ... Read more  | Add your comment

Now election season really starts

The August primary has come and gone but election season — and the responsibility to be engaged citizens that we all share — is far ... Read more  | Add your comment

New challenges offer new perspectives

Most journalists will tell you that there is no better way to get acquainted with a community than to report on it. Read more  | Add your comment

Time to rethink NFL’s Hall of Fame, Pro Bowl games

The unofficial start to the National Football League season saw the New York Giants defeat the Buffalo Bills 17-13 in Canton, Ohio Sunday night. It ... Read more  | Add your comment

The perfect fit for an eternal optimist

It has taken me almost 40 years to find the civic organization I may have been born to join. That was the thought running through ... Read more  | Add your comment

Where has summer gone?

Three weeks from now, high school sports teams will begin preparation for its fall season. In 20 days, football practice begins for freshmen, JV and ... Read more  | Add your comment

Visit Leader staff at Summer in the City

The streets of downtown Dowagiac are fixing to heat up with more excitement and activity than any other time of year. The 29th annual Summer ... Read more  | Add your comment

Ideological, political discussion can still be civil

If you had any doubt that it is political season all you have to do is pick up a newspaper, go through the propaganda delivered ... Read more  | Add your comment

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