Our View: Niles Community Gardens will miss Van Til

Can Niles Community Gardens grow without Mark Van Til? Read more  | Add your comment

Cass County needs an economic vision

It was good to hear Cass County commissioners talking about an economic development strategy at their retreat March 23. Read more  | Add your comment

Rallying around Reading Recovery

There’s no magic to Reading Recovery, but such attention to detail could transform more than first grade reading ability. Getting students to read and write ... Read more  | Add your comment

‘Active Shooter’ a timely program

We commend commissioners for putting together a timely program for Cass County’s 22nd annual intergovernmental forum at 6 p.m. April 30 at Dowagiac Middle School ... Read more  | Add your comment

Don’t pave paradise to put up parking lot

As Cass County studies what to do with its mothballed 1899 courthouse, we root for some use being found for it rather than concluding it ... Read more  | Add your comment

Our View: Don’t let Niles Township walk all over trail project

The Niles Township Board of Trustees is on the brink of making a decision that would embarrass the township for years to come. Read more  | Add your comment

Our View: Sports complex a risk worth taking

Niles seems to have hit a home run with the proposed sports complex at the site of the old Tyler Refrigeration Company property. Read more  | Add your comment

Michael Bennett: Best of the Best returns, please play fair

As our avid Leader readers know, it is Best of the Best time in Leaderland. Read more  | Add your comment

A tribute to Frank McKaye

Cass County lost its most passionate conservationist the day before Feb. 14, so here’s a Valentine for Franklin Eugene McKaye, 87. Read more  | Add your comment

Civil rights resources should be redirected

Dowagiac Union Schools and the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians were blindsided Friday by the Michigan Department of Civil Rights (MDCR) stealthily filing a federal ... Read more  | Add your comment

No quick fix for violent culture

Despite tragedies such as Newtown and Aurora, and politicians scrambling to appear responsive, the rate of gun murder is at its lowest ebb since 1981. ... Read more  | Add your comment

Our view: Small rate increase now better than big one later

It’s a lot better to have small increases spaced out over several years than to have a large one hit you in the pocket book ... Read more  | Add your comment

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