Dan Puckett

The Rev. Dan Puckett: Which direction is your lifestyle headed?

It is a sure thing that if we want to go one way and our lifestyle is headed the other way, we will never get ... Read more

The Rev. Dan Puckett: Prepping for eternity

“What is your life?”  That question is asked in James 4:14. The question is asked in the context of people making plans, determining goals, etc. ... Read more

The Rev. Dan Puckett: Making new beginnings

“Now do it!” These were the words of Abner, a key lieutenant to King Saul, to the elders of Israel about making David their king ... Read more  | 1 comment

Out of the silence the angels came!

There had not been a word from Almighty God for 400 years. No prophet, no preacher . . . nothing. Zechariah and Malachi were the ... Read more

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