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Committee appointed for Cass forum

Published 3:49pm Monday, February 25, 2013


CASSOPOLIS — An 18-minute discussion didn’t resolve when or where to hold Cass County’s 22nd annual Intergovernmental Forum, so Board of Commissioners Chairman Skip Dyes Thursday night appointed a committee of Roseann Marchetti, Clark Cobb and Vice Chair Bernie Williamson.

Feb. 7 the board shot down a suggested June 7 date because it falls on a Friday and conflicts with summer activities.

The dinner originally took place in March.

As chairman, Robert Ziliak, R-Milton Township, held it on Thursday evening in April, around Earth Day, and heard that was too late because it interfered with farming.

Since the last meeting, “We discussed 12 venues. A number did not have room to hold us or did not allow that kind of use,” said Marchetti, R-Edwardsburg. “It has been suggested to have it in the fall. In my opinion, (Southwestern Michigan College) is the perfect place. The caterer can get in and out easily and there’s no cost to us. My goal is a program that 99 percent of people who attend leave saying, ‘I’m glad I went. That’s the best forum I ever attended.’ ”

County Administrator Louis Csokasy suggested postponing the event for a year, but Ziliak disagreed, saying the social networking dinner with the city villages and townships, which costs the county about $3,000, has become a “tradition.”

Williamson, R-Cassopolis, advocated a fall event, “in that little window when the kids are back in school, after the fair and not too close to the holidays. But that’s not exactly a decision we have to make right now. The decision we do have to make is whether we’re going to have one this year at all. We have one shot to do this and if it’s not excellent, I’d rather postpone.”





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