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Published 5:23pm Monday, December 17, 2012


What does a school custodian do? Our custodian is the person who cleans our school, keeps everything in working order, orders maintenance supplies, inspects the playground and building and performs many other tasks that keep us clean, healthy and safe.

But … OUR custodian, Dennis Bacon, does so much more.

Mr. Bacon is a mentor, friend and leader. Dennis is reassuring, hard-working and well respected within our school community.

Always wearing a big smile, he takes time to make connections with students by saying hello, learning their names and asking them how they are or how their day is going.

He truly cares about the children. He is positive and encouraging to all and helps when they are hurting both physically and emotionally.

You will find Mr. Bacon complimenting students on good behavior, stopping to help a child struggling to zip his or her coat on the way to recess or congratulate a student on something hanging in the hallway.

He is a great encouragement to those who need an extra adult to lead them.

Garry Pond, a fourth-grade student, helped Mr. Bacon unscrew and repair a cabinet in the library and said he felt happy he was able to help Mr. Bacon. He enjoys getting that extra bit of attention and encouragement.

A second-grade student, Willy Sanders-Walker, enjoys conversations he has with Mr. Bacon in the hallway. Most of the conversations revolve around helping Mr. Bacon. Willy sees Mr. Bacon after school when he is playing on the school’s playground and often helps him take out the trash or pick up paper. Willy says this makes him feel more responsible, and he wishes everyone would help keep the school cleaner.

The third-grade classes recently worked on a geology project. Mr. Bacon brought some “cool” rocks for the students, and they loved it.

Mr. Bacon nurtures an educational environment of friendship and cooperation. Personal connections such as this are a common occurrence with Mr. Bacon as our custodian. He helps students feel successful.

Dennis Bacon is truly a role model — not only for the children he serves, but for other adults who strive to positively influence a child’s life.


Justus Gage Principal


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