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Give Joe True a chance in Keeler

Published 10:56am Monday, November 5, 2012

To the editor:

Election time is an opportunity to make a difference, to make a choice in positive changes in our community, in shaping the future of the Keeler Township area.
In 2011, the citizens of Keeler Township voted to recall three of the Keeler Township board members.
The recall stemmed from many reasons.
Among them was the failure to listen to the residents of the community who elected them into office.
Some of the more alarming concerns include: the lack of return phone calls by former supervisor Bill Kays; failure to listen and react to community issues; favoritism towards other members of the board and influential members of the community; failure to react to concerns for public safety; failure to react to the loss of jobs in the Sister Lakes area.
Since the recall, Supervisor Joe True has returned phone calls and has reacted to all concerns brought before the township board. Under the leadership of Supervisor Joe True, the township board actually discusses issues during township meetings and actually listens to community concerns.
In 2012, and under the leadership of Supervisor Joe True, three major concerns have been brought up upon which the former supervisor failed to act — the Big Crooked Lake boating ordinance, the Magician Lake Weed District and the M-152 speed limit. Each of these issues has actions in progress for proper and legal resolution. Actions that the previous board failed to address because they were “political hot topics.”
During the 2012 primary vote, Bill Kays won by just over 50 votes. A review of the voting ballots shows that over 100 votes for Bill Kays came from farm help who had never voted before and who do not live in the area. These persons were legal voters, but had clearly been recruited to support Bill Kays. The 2012 campaign was fraught with negative and false accusations against Joe True. A clear indication that Kays is more interested in winning than he is in reacting to citizen concerns. There has been no indication of Kays changing his political tactics.
Supervisor Joe True has continued to lead the township in a positive direction, despite the negative antics of the previous board members who are still grinding sour grapes over their 2011 defeat.
Vote for Joe True as a write-in candidate for township supervisor Nov. 6.
Not only did he step up following the recall, he has continued to show sound leadership and a willingness to learn and do what is right.
Let’s give him a real chance to make the improvements to the community that we all need and deserve to see.
Write in Joe True and connect the arrow to make positive community changes.

Carolyn Baiers

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