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Edwardsburg to unveil new online program Monday

Published 4:48pm Friday, August 24, 2012

Edwardsburg Public Schools will unveil Monday its newest addition — a state-of-the-art online learning environment allowing students access to a new program called Edwardsburg Early College (EEC).

Myra Munroe, assistant superintendent, described EEC as a program that allows students to earn high school credit as well as dual-enrollment in college courses through a large catalog of online courses.

“It depends on their (a student’s) career pathway,” Munroe said. “For example, if they are getting into pre-engineering they are going to want to make sure classes they take can be counted toward that.”

High School Principal Jeff Leslie said approximately 100 junior and senior students will be participating in EEC this coming school year, although EEC is also open to freshmen and sophomores.

EEC is housed in the old high school draft room, which has been relocated. The newly-renovated EEC room measures roughly 1,200-square-feet and is filled with 36 computers all with wireless internet connectivity. Students will access online courses using computers in the EEC room during hour-long class periods. A data technician will be on staff at all times to assist students.

If used successfully, Munroe said EEC would allow students, at no additional cost, to graduate with their high school diplomas, while earning college credits transferable toward their undergraduate or Associate’s degree.

Leslie said EEC is targeted toward students who have exhausted the curriculum offered by Edwardsburg staff and are looking for more options.

The EEC room will be showcased during the high school open house from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Monday beginning in the Performing Arts Center.

For more information, contact Edwardsburg Public Schools at (269) 663-3055.

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