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Editorial: Time to pay your civic rent with informed vote

Published 9:03pm Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The roadsides of drivers’ daily treks are quickly becoming full of campaign signs for local government offices. Whether citizens are ready for it or not, election season is upon Cass County.

While many may aim to search for answers to important questions, there seems to be a comfortable silence among the masses when asked for their opinion.

If the residents of Cass County hope to see any change made to their local government and politicians, the time to speak up is now and it must not be wasted.

Citizens must educate themselves on the issues, and how candidates feel on such matters, before stepping foot into a voting booth.

When public forums are available to the public, residents should find time to attend. A Cass County commissioner candidate forum held Tuesday evening in Cassopolis drew a couple dozen residents.

While some issues may not be directly addressed, a forum provides the opportunity for questions to be answered and viewpoints to be heard.

Citizens should feel an obligation to knowing who, and what, they are voting for.

While scheduling conflicts may prevent attendance at forum events, voters can still find ways to educate themselves on current issues and candidates. Many people running for elected offices have websites that explain their views on specific issues. County websites also provide, at the very least, a list of who the candidates are and what party they affiliate with.

Taking basic steps can be simple in understanding the information important in the coming election.

As future election-based events take place in the coming months, voters should take time to familiarize themselves with issues, candidates and viewpoints.

This editorial represents the views of the editorial board.

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