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Herman Cain endorses Hoogendyk

Published 6:20pm Friday, March 16, 2012

Remember Herman Cain?

Well, Jack Hoogendyk certainly does.

The Kalamazoo Republican, who is running for Fred Upton’s 6th District Congressional post, has been endorsed by the former presidential candidate.

Cain sent out a press release Thursday, welcoming Hoogendyk into the “Army of Davids.”

In the release, Cain said Hoogendyk has committed to his so-called “9-9-9 plan,” calling for a 9 percent tax rate on personal income, 9 percent on corporate income and 9 percent on national sales tax.

“The current tax code is confusing and counter-productive. It stifles prosperity,” Hoogendyk said in the release.

Cain praised Hoogendyk’s limited government conservatism.

“Just the fact that Mr. Hoogendyk spent six years in public office and never voted for a tax increase shows he’s unafraid to stand up to the ‘Goliath’ of big government,” Cain said.

Cain was a leading candidate in the race for president but a steep drop in the polls and allegations of sexual harassment led to him drawing out of the race in December.

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