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Nichols pleads not guilty to contempt of court charge

Published 3:17pm Monday, November 14, 2011

Trey Nichols, one of five Nichols teens accused of scheming a sex video extortion plot, pleaded not guilty to a contempt of court charge at his arraignment Monday.
Nichols, who was arrested Thursday while on bond, appeared before Judge Scott Schofield via video from county jail to the South County Berrien County


It is alleged that Nichols had contact with a 16-year-old girl in person and via Facebook in October, violating his bond, Schofield said. Nichols was ordered to not have contact with any girl under age 18.
Nichols’ bond is set at $7,500 on the contempt of court charge, while the bond for his original charges is $150,000. Schofield slated his contempt of court hearing for Dec. 9, the same date as his status conference before his trial on the original charges.
Nichols and his co-defendants are accused of secretly videotaping a 17-year-old girl having sex with one of them and then threatening to post it on Facebook if she didn’t perform more sexual acts.
A jury trial for two of the defendants, Martell Miller and Parnell Martin, is scheduled to begin Nov. 29. Martise Washington was found guilty on all of his charges earlier this month.

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  • Concerned Citizen

    All they have to do is go to his facebook, there are SEVERAL girls under the age of 18 communicating back and forth with him publicly on his wall, I hope they are able to get a warrant for his computer.

  • S.O.L.

    You know I do not know these kids from Adam but lets remember these are kids that did something very juvenile,dangerously juvenile but juvenile none the less,lets remember these are post adolescent teens straight out of high school for goodness sakes,the fact that he was talking with another adolescent on his facebook proves hes immature and unthinking,I do not think these are career criminals just yet,keep in mind when these kids made the video they were probably under age as well,we are not talking about a group of fifty year old sexual predators,children act stupidly as children will take this girl for instance would anyone but a naive child have fell into the whole sex with 5 guys for no facebook video thing,NO not really it could havbe been handled much differently but again we are talking about children,what is the matter with you people,grow up.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Really? Now this is an issue of needing to grow up for wanting them to be accountable for their actions? You know how old the guys are? 18. You know how old the original victim, the girl Trey violated his bond with, and several other of the girls that they are in trouble over? 16, those are the children you speak of. Maybe you should grow up?

    Violating bond doesn’t show immaturity, it shows a complete disregard for the law and the severity of the situation. Trey was told in no uncertain terms that he was required to not have sexual contact with any females under 18. How is that hard for an 18 year old to do? Especially when faced with such a huge life changing event?! Wouldn’t you think of needing to have ONLY younger girls is a predatory behavior? From Martell posting pictures of himself on Facebook with his shirt off throwing gang signs, to Trey pursing a macho rap career these do not look like the actions men who are taking their situation seriously. And it is not due to a lack of maturity, in fact I would say that the type of predatory behavior shown by these men shows mental capacity and coordination. They felt empowered to treat the victims however they wanted. Now that the victim was brave enough to press through the bullying at school that would come from accusing some popular athletes and the embarrassment of having to testify in front of a court full of her classmates while the accused glare at her and the high school supporters glare at her on the stand, now those men will have to answer to a jury, an unbiased jury.

    I cannot believe that you would suggest that being 18 is a shield from responsibility! It is people like you who give free passes to grown men that is the problem. Trey violating his bond is a slap in the face to the justice system and the flip flopping with Leon wanting to change lawyers and take his plea back only to reenter it. You tell me who else gets a free public defender and gets to just exchange him for another one? He’s wasting the tax payers’ time and money with these antics.

    The first guy to be found guilty was in fact a “career criminal” if you heard about his life story and your argument that the girl is somehow at fault is ridiculous. There is no way that someone under this kind of duress (at that age, since apparently 18 year olds are incapable of using common sense, I can only imagine what you think about 16 year olds, do they need to be bubble wrapped?) is going to be able to take a step back and analyze the situation calmly and rationally like you are just now after the fact. Of course it’s easy for you to say, Oh well she should have done this and that, but that’s why thsee laws are in place, to keep a group of 5 men from bullying their way into making young girls do these things. You wouldn’t hold these 5 men who were in full control of the situation accountable for their actions, yet you would have the victim who is scared out of her mind and texting her friend after the ordeal that she wants to die accountable? Get out of here, you’re holding the victim to a higher standard than you are the 5 men.
    It’s easy for a passerby like yourself to see what you perceive are young boys, hear about the severity of the punishment and immediately cry foul because of the trouble they got themselves into. The fact of the matter is these laws were written for a reason, the combination of actions that these men chose to do that netted them such severe charges (and keep in mind this was not just some 2 second action and over with, this was an ongoing scheme that required effort, time, and planning). From the secret signal from Trey to Martise’s back to signal the camera was recording, to the floods of text messages that they have as evidence, there are so many aspects to this heinous and despicable crime that anyone who has given any attention to this case would be far from agreeing with your notion of boys will be boys. When I was 18 I knew not to secretly record girls having sex and extort sex from them, and I’m sure there’s a lot more 18 year olds that will tell you the same thing.

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