God is a personal God — loving, leading and nurturing in our personal lives. As personal as God is, he also works on a larger scale.

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Rev. Dan Puckett: Have we crossed the line with God?

Published 11:58pm Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The New Testament book of Colossians declares, in chapter 1, verse 17, “He (God in Christ) is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” The context is the creation. God through Christ is literally running the universe.
In Psalms 108: 6-9, we read of God’s ownership and ruling the nations of Succoth, Gilead, Manasseh, Ephraim, Judah, Moab, Edom and Philistia. We cannot dispute God’s overruling hand.
As Benjamin Franklin said, “And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid?”
There is no doubt that the United States has risen to the level of power and prosperity that she has by the mighty hand of God. If God exalted us as a nation, he can take us down.
It happened to Israel in Old Testament times. Israel was a mighty nation, blessed by God. Israel turned from the ways of God, and God brought a godless nation against them to destroy them as a nation. In Isaiah 10:5, the nation of Assyria is mentioned as the rod of God’s anger, “the club of my wrath!”
The wealth of Israel was carried away by the ungodly Assyrians and Babylonians. Eventually, the nation collapsed and was overrun.
The wealth of the United States is literally being transferred to other nations by our borrowing money from them that we have no ability to pay back, or by allowing our lifestyle to continue at a level that we cannot maintain without excessive importing of goods that literally drains the national wealth.
God says, in Isaiah 45:7, “…I bring prosperity and create disaster.”
The prosperity God brings is inexorably linked to righteousness, or living according to God’s principles. If an individual or a nation departs from the ways of God, God can withdraw his blessing and “create disaster.”
The disaster is not speaking of a tornado, hurricane, or some other calamity necessarily; it is speaking of a massive shift of fortune and status. God has done it before, and the United States is on the brink of disaster as a nation, and is possibly already in an irreversible decline.
What can we do? We must repent of our ways, our excesses, our selfishness that sends the unborn to death, our trampling in the dust God’s view of marriage and family and our disregard of responsible living.
We must cry out to God. It may not be too late. It may begin with one person who radically gets right with God and influences others.
God is our only hope!

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  • Username75

    No Nation can long survive, if it does not
    support itself, and it’s citizenry.
    there was a time We supported Ourselves,
    We built stuff, and were actually proud
    of the stuff We built.
    but in the progression of Time, we thought,
    Why not lay off our builders, and buy other
    peoples stuff.
    After all our workers were getting “uppity”
    and were being paid to much.
    Then we began sending our Money to
    Bentonville, and China.
    We can’t go to Bentonville for money,
    Because they are spending it in China.
    China is the only place to get Money, as
    Our Laid off Builders have very little money,
    and soon have none.
    Only Wall Street Will have Money, but We must,
    not, Regulate Wall Street, nor Tax them, as they is
    the only real American Citizenry.
    “Corporations are People”!

  • Username75

    Once again Dan, blames G-D for what We have brought upon ourselves.
    G-D is no more to blame for starvation in Somalia, as He is to Blame,
    for We allowing Ourselves to evolve into a third World Nation.
    It is not the Fault of Abortions, or a couple of Dudes, in the Castro Wanting
    the Same rights as a Straight Couple.
    The problem is Greed of a Few.
    It started with our love to the Trickle Down theory.
    Years ago Wall street began buying some of the best Companies
    in America, with Junk Bonds.
    Then selling off the best part of those same Companies to
    Profit Wall Street.
    Then We got the Idea We could sell Cheaper goods, by
    Laying off the American Workforce, to make More Money
    for Wall Street, and raising those Stock Prices.
    most sat there and cheered as We were raped and plundered.
    by Wall street, and never even asked them to kiss Us When
    they were done.
    We even watched the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”
    in awe of our Rapist.
    We use to support ourselves, and liked Blue Collar types,
    who we now look at as dogs.
    We regard them as stupid, and Criminal for not being Rich.
    We have adopted a new G-D of Greed, and Wall Street the
    Home of the “Mother Church”.
    We have abandoned the Real G-D for selfishness and the,
    disregard for Our neighbors.

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