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No charges in shooting death

Published 9:00am Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Berrien County prosecuting attorney Arthur Cotter announced Tuesday that no charges will be authorized in the Oct. 19 shooting death of Bobby Masters, 34.

Masters was shot at 2119 Lenora Drive in Lincoln Township by Leonard Brown, 46.

A review of the investigation into the shooting conducted by the Lincoln Township Police Department determined Brown acted in self-defense.

Brown resides at the Lenora Drive address with his wife, two stepdaughters (ages 14 and 17) and a stepson, 12. Masters, who was the biological father of the boy, had ben living with the Brown family for several months to help him get on his feet and address a severe drug and alcohol problem.

Masters returned from fishing with the 14-year-old and 12-year-old and was found to have supplied the children with alcohol. He had also been drinking heavily. During an altercation, Masters threatened to kill Brown, who later claimed he shot him because he feared for his life.

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